Best Baby Bottle Sterilizing Tablets

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After you have cleaned your baby’s bottles you need to sterilize them. I’ll be honest, there have been times when I had to quickly clean a bottle before using it again, and get this, my baby didn’t get sick. 

Still, I won’t diss the need to sterilize. Let’s do the best we can as parents and ensure that the milk or formula our babies are drinking is from the cleanest of bottles.  

Sterilizing old school is leaving a large pot of water to boil for hours with all the baby bottles inside. It costs more in energy, personal effort, and it’s plain not very safe to be handling large pots of boiling water if you have a small baby or toddler in your arms. 

Nowadays you can use sterilizing tables that can be added to cold water. An answer to parents’ prayers. 

I have reviewed these products and hope they will help you find the best product for you and your baby.

#3 SoJournor Bottle and Bladder Cleaner Bladder

This is an acceptable product to clean your baby bottles if you have your water bottles to be cleaning also. They are biodegradable so very useful while on the move. It will happen that baby will feed more than once during a short period, while out and about. This will save you from having to use a public bathroom to clean your baby’s bottle.

#2 Bottle Bright Cleaning Tablets

This is a great dual sterilizing tablet that has amazing reviews on Amazon. They not only sterilize, but clean the bottle. They can be used on all bottle types and safe for nature. It’s not the option to choose for sterilizing only at home, but easily to slip into your baby bag and use on the go. 

#1 Milton Sterilizing Tablets

The one and only Milton, used by households globally going on 70 years. If you want a dedicated baby bottle sterilizing product then you should choose Milton. Their brand has been through it all and what they provide is effective and safe. Don’t be put off by their lack of reviews on Amazon, it’s a brand that gains more customers via its website. A lot easier if you have Amazon Prime to purchase directly from this link. 

Disclaimer: these products are available on Amazon and are accessible through an affiliate link.  As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases

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