How To Clean A Baby Blanket

Often your baby will become attached to something that soothes and comforts them. It could be a blanket you wrapped them in as a newborn, an Egyptian scarf that was actually a present for you (true story), a stuffed animal, a cushion, or a Doudou. Baby comforters are also called binky or a security blanket. 

Doudou is the french term and it is huge in baby culture there. You can buy doudous everywhere, they are a popular gift to give (when clothes would have been preferred), and they are in all the baby books and cartoons. 

Some babies don’t get attached to things, and for your sake, I hope they don’t. If that security blanket gets lost, then you will be the one who suffers. Yes, Baby isn’t very happy either, but they should be content with being in their parent’s arms. Nope. They want their binky. 

If they do get attached to something, run out right now and buy a double. For, when this happens, you need to be prepared:

Of the many, many situations that can arise, you need to have a double on hand because nothing else will suffice. Nothing. 

Baby Comforter Cleaning Hack

My best tip is to wash the baby comforter in the sink. It doesn’t need the intense wash of a full cycle. You are in control of how long it takes and you can hang it to dry immediately.

Safe Products To Clean A Baby Comforter

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Homemade Cleaning Detergent Safe For A Baby Comforter

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Fast Track Drying Hack

Peg the blanket or plush to a hanger and hang it above your radiator! In my bathroom, that’s so small, the radiator is behind the door. With a hook attached to the door. Blast the heating on full and your baby blanky will be dry before they let out their 10th scream.

If cleaning baby clothes are your concern, then we have the perfect blog for that, too.

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