How To Clean Baby Bottles

Whether you are breastfeeding or feeding with the formula you will need a healthy supply of baby bottles. 

Breastfeeding parents often choose to express their milk if they have to return to their work, or if Baby doesn’t latch on. There is no shame in bottle-feeding your baby, be it formula or breastmilk. 

Those bottles though, need to be kept sparkling clean. 

In an ideal world, babies feed on a schedule. But no two babies are the same. Some want to feed every two hours, some three, the grand majority every four hours, and some babies five or six hours. 

I’m speaking from experience here, if Baby is asleep, let them sleep. They will feed when they wake up. 

When you tiptoe into the kitchen at four in the morning with a screaming and hungry baby in your arms, the last thing you want is to fiddle with bottles, trying to clean one, or extract one from an automatic sterilizer that has been working during the night. 

My tip is to have a couple of bottles not in the automatic sterilizer and develop a system to clean them on the go. 

Personally, I never used a bottle sterilizer. I just didn’t have the space!

Read on for the best baby bottle cleaning brush and best baby bottle sterilizing tablets to make your baby bottle cleaning life easier. Because it does feel like a lifetime.

Best Baby Bottle Cleaning Brush

#6 – Munchkin Sponge Bottle Brush

This is the basic baby bottle cleaning brush that you will need. The sponge attached to the top helps get into those soft corners to clean away the milk or formula that has clung to the bottle. There is a nipple brush included helping you clean the teat of the bottle, which is very important. 

It has a stand-alone feature that helps you keep the brush away from other cleaning utensils, which protects its own cleanliness. 

#5 – OXO Tot Cleaning Brush

The OXO doesn’t have a sponge, but in my experience, the sponge tends to fall off after a while. This brush head is much fuller, which helps get into the nitty-gritty details of baby bottle cleaning. The stand is very elegant and it also comes with a nipple cleaner. 


#4 – Holikme 5 Pack Bottle Brush Cleaning Set

As your baby grows so does their bottle size. When they reach toddler age they’ll be drinking water from a sippy cup. Buying this bundle will ensure you have what’s needed when it comes to cleaning their bottle. Keep in a safe place in a bag to keep dust away from them. 

#3 – Munchkin Shine Stainless Steel Bottle Brush

This is the brush to match your kitchen if you like coordination. Its head can be replaced, it’s stand-alone, and offers a full head baby bottle cleaning brush experience. I like using this but I recommend not pulling the brush out a lot as it can splash bach – just means it’s working, in my opinion. 

#2 – OXO Tot Bottle & Cup Cleaning Set

This baby bottle cleaning brush set is top-notch. You get your brush, then a keyring of different, smaller brushes that really helps clean hard-to-reach places like under the bottle head. I would suggest buying it with the drying rack so you can have an instant baby bottle drying station. 

#1 – UUKING Baby Bottle Brush

This is my favorite. I love how the silicone cleans over the brush bristles. You really get that squeaky-clean effect, which is all I want for my baby’s bottles. It’s BPA-free, safe and odorless and the nylon nipple brush hides nicely inside the base of the main brush. 

Disclaimer: these products are available on Amazon and are accessible through an affiliate link.  As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases

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