How To Clean Baby Clothes

You will find yourself in a whirlwind of teeny tiny newborn clothes before your baby is even born. This is great. Many of them are gifts, many, a lot actually, are random bits you picked up throughout your pregnancy, and if you are fortunate enough you have gained hand-me-downs. 

Regardless of where those baby clothes come from, you need to wash them before dressing your baby. 

Here I will share with you the safest products you can use to clean your newborn baby clothes. I will also share with your what amount of clothes you will need, because even though you may feel like you are drowning in clothes, the following happens: 

Juggling four small kids, I’m sorry to say I learned the hard way. But you shouldn’t have to, and that’s why you’re here.

There is also a huge difference in what clothes you need depending on what time of year Baby is born. My partner laughs at this. I ask an expecting parent (actual dialogue): oh so your baby will be a winter baby? I have clothes for a winter baby I can pass on to you!

This makes sense. I received a summer baby’s clothes and they just sat there in bags as the size never suited my winter baby. Bags that pile up and take space. Waiting to be organized and donated. Another thing to add to our never-ending mental list. 

How To Clean Newborn Clothes

Newborn babies are delicate and super sensitive yet they leave some of the hardest to remove stains. Washing baby clothes on a delicate wash will not remove those stains, and a harsh wash will eradicate the gentleness of the material. 

Here a sure-fire steps to help you clean your newborn clothes: 

  1. Steep the stained clothing in your bathroom sink with cold water and baking soda. 
  2. When you have the time ring the clothes of excess water and rub gently on the stains. 
  3. Use a soap bar to gently remove the stains. I recommend Aleva Naturals Stain and Laundry Bar as it’s a vegan, chemical-free option. 
  4. Place in the washing machine at a low temperature with a kind detergent. I suggest Babyganics as it’s also created with plant-derived ingredients. 

How to clean poop out of baby clothes

It can be a very difficult decision to make: dump or clean the poopy baby clothes? Perhaps it’s an item of clothing that someone close offered your newborn, like, sentimental value is attached.

My best advice? Rinse out the poop and hand wash it first. Don’t like baby poop? Tough shit. Wear your mask, call your partner; don’t ruin a perfectly good baby outfit!

How Many Newborn Clothes Do I Need

The looming question every new parent battles with: how many clothes will my newborn need? 

Stress no more for I have below a list that has been perfect for my kids:

10 x babygrows – You could be looking at five changes in one day. You’ll want two clean sets of baby clothes in your diaper bag.
10 x outfits – however you want to dress your baby, be they all-in-ones, pants and shirt, or dress’s with tights, you’ll need ten different outfits. 

3 x warm cardigans

3 x hats

5 x pairs of socks (useful in winter to place on outside the all-in-one)

It might seem excessive but my experience has taught me best to have more than not enough. And yes, Babygrows very fast but the beauty of it: you can hold onto these clothes for another baby. 

Some ‘accidents’ may so horrendous that you throw out the clothes. No need to feel ashamed if you’re incredibly tired and there’s poop everywhere and you bin the pajamas. I’ve done it, so have other parents–you’re not alone. 

For your hospital bag, you’ll need three full outfits, a hat, and mittens. 

If people want to buy clothes for your baby ask them for sizes 3months and up, not newborn sizes. Three of my babies wouldn’t even fit into a one-month-old onesie at birth, so good to have on hand larger clothes until you have time to get suitable sizes. 

Summer Baby Clothes: What You Need

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Winter Baby Clothes: What You Need

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